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quarta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2011

Sarah Connor - Terminator 2 : Judgment Day

Marca - Hot Toys
Tamanho - 12"
Sarah Connor appears in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, ten years after the events of Terminator. She and John have been separated from each other. John is living in a foster home, and Sarah has been institutionalized in Pescadero State Hospital. In the years between films, she has transformed herself from the mousy, timid woman seen at the beginning of the first movie into a muscled, ferocious warrior. In fact, the first image of her in the film is of her doing chin-ups on her hospital bed. After the death of Kyle Reese, Sarah took his warnings, and the responsibility of raising the hope of mankind, to heart. However, her fixation on the disaster and her fanatical desire to keep John safe has made her slightly mentally unstable and very violent, which is only aggravated by her fear and hatred of the T-800. She dropped off the grid to better protect herself and John. She lived a semi-criminal life among various outlaws and survivalists and attempted to teach her son the skills he would need to lead the resistance. Sarah was captured and sent to the hospital after she attempted to destroy a computer factory.
Several times at the hospital, she has tried to improve her behavior in hope of getting to see her son, but her caregivers do not believe her. Her activities and claims of fighting evil robots from the future led to her being deemed incurable. Sarah only seemed to confirm the judgment of psychiatrists by committing acts of violence against hospital staff, including Dr. Peter Silberman, whom Sarah stabbed in the knee with his pen, and attempting to escape multiple times. During her final escape attempt, Sarah encounters two different terminator models. One is the T-1000, a liquid metal cyborg sent back to kill her son. The other is a T-800 of the same model which tried to murder her, and was sent back to protect them. When she initially encounters the T-800 she flees in terror, but goes with him when he utters the first thing Reese had said to her: "Come with me if you want to live."
Sarah finds it nearly impossible to accept that the T-800 is benevolent; throughout the film, she remains hostile towards it and what it represents, while her own son develops a bond with it, resembling a father-son relationship. In the director's cut of the movie, it is revealed that Sarah has an opportunity to destroy the machine's CPU, thus killing it. She nearly does so, but John stops her, managing to convince her that they need its help and that no one would listen to his leadership ideas if she did not do so. While in Mexico, watching John do a high-five with the Terminator, Sarah loses her hostility towards the machine and begins to see it as the closest thing John has to a would-be father.
In a moment of desperation, Sarah attempts to murder Miles Dyson, one of the computer researchers who works at Cyberdyne Systems, and is destined to build the revolutionary microprocessor that eventually becomes Skynet. In doing this, she loses touch with her humanity, becoming eerily similar to the Terminator itself. Ultimately, she regains her humanity and does not kill Dyson. Shortly afterwards, John and the T-800 arrive and, together, they succeed in persuading Dyson to stop his research and destroy all recovered remnants of the first Terminator. The Terminator then, with the help of Sarah Connor, lets himself be destroyed, despite the protests of the young John. It is at this point that Sarah fully respects the T-800, and offers her hand in friendship to a comrade and brother warrior before his final sacrifice, which he takes. She is last seen holding her son, and comforting him upon the T-800's destruction.

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