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terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012


Marca - Hot Toys 
Tamanho 12"

Tracker Predator always enjoyed the company of Predator Dogs over the company of other Yautjas.Raised in a culture that revolves around hunting and stalking prey.Tracker Predator bred and trained Predator Dogs in the art of flushing and tracking as he believed Predator Dogs were not used to their full abilities in the hunt by other Yautjas.On his first official hunt of a Xenomorph (Alien),the dogs of the Tracker Predator allowed him to track and kill a Xenomorph in record time but there wasn`t much of a trophy to collect as the dogs didn`t  leave a shred of the prey intact. Although brutal and wild, Tracker Predator is able to command these Predator Dogs with great mastery and received respect as a Young Blood class Predator.


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